Air Freshener

Airwick El. Dif+Rec. Tot. P. Nenuc

Cod.: 00128451

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Canned Meat And Pate
00127429    Sausages Nobre Churr. Clas. 5un 200g

Sausages Nobre Churr. Clas. 5un 200g

Cod.: 00127429

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Chocolates And Bonbons
00126947    Chocolate Kinder Bueno Dark 30x43g

Chocolate Kinder Bueno Dark 30x43g

Cod.: 00126947

Chocolate Kinder Bueno White 30x43g

Cod.: 00089997

00083563    Chocolate Kinder Bueno 30x43gr

Chocolate Kinder Bueno 30x43gr

Cod.: 00083563

00083182    Chocolate Kinder Lei/ Cac. t4 20x50g

Chocolate Kinder Lei/ Cac. t4 20x50g

Cod.: 00083182

00123600    Chocolate Kinder Maxi t2 24x42g

Chocolate Kinder Maxi t2 24x42g

Cod.: 00123600

Chocolate Kinder Snack Duplo t2

Cod.: 00128494

00120353    Chocolate Kinder Surp. Ovo 36x20g

Chocolate Kinder Surp. Ovo 36x20g

Cod.: 00120353

00124136    Bonbons Chocao Leit. Tiramisu 112g

Bonbons Chocao Leit. Tiramisu 112g

Cod.: 00124136

Bonbons Vergani Crema Whisky 100g

Cod.: 00128500

Bonbons Vergani Gran Mix 100g

Cod.: 00128496

Bonbons Vergani Limoncello 100g

Cod.: 00128499

Bonbons Vergani Roxy 100g

Cod.: 00128497

Bonbons Vergani Rum 100g

Cod.: 00128498

00083184    Bonbons Kinder Schoko-bons 46g

Bonbons Kinder Schoko-bons 46g

Cod.: 00083184

00072222    Chocolate Kinder Joy Surp. Ovo 20g

Chocolate Kinder Joy Surp. Ovo 20g

Cod.: 00072222


Biscuits Maristella Treccine 225g

Cod.: 00128501

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Frozen Food

Bacalhau Dem. Lombo M. 200/ 400 e

Cod.: 02007019

Fillets Panga 1kg

Cod.: 02006683

Brocolos Gelcampo 300g

Cod.: 02006828

Cenoura Baby Gelcampo 300g

Cod.: 02007024

00063223    Peas Agrilusa 400gr

Peas Agrilusa 400gr

Cod.: 00063223

Favas Gelcampo 300g

Cod.: 02006690

02005882    Jardineira Sermogel 400g

Jardineira Sermogel 400g

Cod.: 02005882

Mix Oriental Gelcampo 300g

Cod.: 02007106

Mariscada Sermogel 800g

Cod.: 02007045

Delicias Mar Sermogel 250gr

Cod.: 02005872

02005899    Miolo Shrimp Sermogel 250g

Miolo Shrimp Sermogel 250g

Cod.: 02005899

Tentaculos Pota Pesfasa Covete

Cod.: 00128495

Glassware, Tableware, Cristal

Assadeira Vid. c/ T. 1,8l 25743

Cod.: 00128507

Dish p/ Bolo c/ T. 27cm 25742

Cod.: 00128508

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House Accessories

Passe-vite c/ 3Discos 25014

Cod.: 00128504

Pulverizador Tran. 250ml 107445

Cod.: 00128509

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Laundry Machine Detergent

Stain Remover Vanish Oxi Act. Rosa 420g

Cod.: 00128449

00128448    Detergent Woolite Lq. Sport 30 1,65l

Detergent Woolite Lq. Sport 30 1,65l

Cod.: 00128448

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Laundry Softener
00128450    Softener Quanto Relax 3,75l

Softener Quanto Relax 3,75l

Cod.: 00128450

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00127999    Passadeira 50x80 100%Al. 108876

Passadeira 50x80 100%Al. 108876

Cod.: 00127999

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Packaging And Conservation

Bag p/ Cong. c/ Zip 15x25 24482

Cod.: 00128503

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Teas And Infusions
00086925    Infusion Tley Cidrei. c/ Mel 15g 10sq

Infusion Tley Cidrei. c/ Mel 15g 10sq

Cod.: 00086925

00001977    Infusion Tley Descafeinado 15g 10sq

Infusion Tley Descafeinado 15g 10sq

Cod.: 00001977

00086924    Infusion Tley Fruits Silv. 15gr 10sq

Infusion Tley Fruits Silv. 15gr 10sq

Cod.: 00086924

00001980    Infusion Tley Tilia 15gr 10Sq.

Infusion Tley Tilia 15gr 10Sq.

Cod.: 00001980

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